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Working in theatre was not my original plan. When I first entered undergraduate at Centre College, I planned a double major in psychology and English. However, my work study placement was in the costume shop, and I found myself spending more and more time there outside of my required hours. I studied abroad in London in the spring of my junior year and saw 25 plays while across the pond. I realized that theatre and costumes were my true love, and I dropped my original plan of psychology and began taking as many theatre classes as possible. 

I quickly fell in love with theatre; the collaboration, the challenges, the research - there really isn't a part of the process that I don't enjoy. Teaching is my true passion, and I was lucky enough to get to teach students at Centre how to build and mentor them as they conceptualize and realize their own designs. At OU, I get to teach the costume design portion of an undergraduate class. I hope to one day teach costume design at a university.

I have worked at regional theatres as a costume shop manager (Theatre West Virginia), stitcher (Porthouse Theatre), and wardrobe supervisor (Berkshire Theatre Group). 


 In my spare time, I love baking (and sharing my baked goods with those around me!), creating, watching good tv, reading excellent books, photography (especially taking pictures with the family dog, Charlie). 


MFA Candidate, 2nd Year - Costume Design, Ohio University

Bachelor of Arts - English, Centre College, Danville, KY

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